Weekly wisdom from Doreen Virtue

“Your way to bring peace to Earth is to be peaceful.”

That’s a nice thought that she ended with as I was beginning this post.

So… it’s been a week again. I even got a text from my mom this weekend like… ‘RU ok? You haven’t posted on your blog lately.’ Hahaha. The truth is that I vowed to step away from the computer more often during Lent. Well, remember my post about the changes we make during Lent prepping the soil for our intentions to grow? It worked a little too well for me, and I haven’t been able to draw myself back to my computer. Working in the garden, preparing for my classes outside in the sun, training for my first 10K, making monkeys. All these little sprouts popped up, and I’m very much enjoying watching them grow. I’ll have great things to share soon. I promise.

But enough about me…

Doreen is here with the fairies!! Ooooh- I love me some fairies. I’ve been calling on them a lot lately in my adventures in gardening. They are the ‘nature angels,’ after all.

This week’s reading continues the theme that has come up over and over again lately… Out with the old, in with the new. And as many times as it comes up, I say thank you again for reminding me. It’s a process. A process of letting go and being receptive to healing. I am so grateful for these wonderful reminders from the angels every week to keep me on track.

I hope there’s inspiration and comfort for you in these readings, too. Enjoy!


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